Romance is boring! - lineart

If you have ever dreamed of having one of my original illustrations hang on your wall, you will eventually have the chance to get it! The below illustration - it's just the lineart, I post soon the finished image - can be yours for free! To know more about that, follow my blog and in few days you will know how to participate in the contest and win 'Romance is boring!'


  1. Well well well... seeing as you know how much I adore your originals, I won't give up the chance to enter this ^_^

    Such a generous offer, considering the unbelievable amount of effort and time you put into your beautiful artworks!!!!

  2. Wow, that is very generous of you, Nati, considering the time you put on your paintings. I can't wait to see "Romance is boring" coloured and finished. I'm going to keep an eye on your blog for future updates. =D

    Oh, how's the exhibition in Stockholm going? Any news? =]

  3. That's a pretty great gift !

  4. Wow, that's great news. Thank you for being so generous! Will follow blog and instructions!

  5. Great news! I'll be waiting for new notices ;).

  6. Thank you all for the nice comments! The 'contest' will be not a real 'competition'...I mean, anybody can easily participate in it! Winning the illustration will be basically a matter of how lucky you are ^_^ But, more info soon!

    @ Monika
    Yes, I have not too much time for drawing and painting but, there're so many wonderful people who support me every day that finding some extra time for this image will not be a problem!

  7. Wow, that is really nice of you, your art is very peaceful, and I've been a fan for a while :D

  8. Damn if it's about lick i don't even have to be a contestant XD.. whit love getrik

  9. Depuis des mois, mon ordinateur est mort mais j'utilise celui de mon père pour voir ton blog, je participerais à ce 'concours' même si je n'ai jamais de chance (avoir un original... wow c'est un rêve!).

  10. » getrix
    If you think it's all about flattery, you don't know me.... ^_^
    » Aurélia
    Merci pour ton commentaire, le concours sera seulement une question de chance ^_^ peut-être que tu l'auras un peu...

  11. No i wrote it wrongly, i mean that i have no luck in everything -6-
    .. againw hit love and only love getrik