Pop will eat itself - Part 03

Yes, I did another new illustration for the 'Pop will eat itslelf' tale! But, before writing about it, here a small preview of some new products soon available on my shop! Speaking about that, don't hesitate to contact me if  you have any request for prints or merchandise you would like I put up oline for sale! I'm working on a huge update of the shop and any tip/suggestion is very much appreciated!

And the final 'Pop will eat itself' illustration! Call me crazy, but I did a completely new image. I'm too much a perfectionist and I'm always not satisfied about what I do, especially if we are speaking about commissions that I need to draw at least two/three versions of the same themed image! Anyway, I promise you this is the last one...at least concerning this subject  ^_^


  1. adorable work, as always ;-) I envy you the patience for redrawing whole picture even a few times... I give up after first failure.

    May I ask about one thing? What kind of paper are you using? (you use mixed media and I'm just curious, some special paper for watercolours?)

  2. Hey!
    Thank you for your commeent! Well, to be honest the main problem is I'm a perfectionist and I'm not satisfied with anything I do almost all the time ^_^ In February I worked on a special commission - I can't show the final images yet - and I have no idea how many sketches and drawings I did ^_^
    About paper...I use different kind of papers. Basically all the artistic Fabriano series one.

  3. Mi piace molto questa versione dell'illustrazione, l'acqua in particolare ha un colore splendido (chissà com'è vista dal vero...). Appena avrò i dindoli per permettermi i copic voglio provare anche io... in caso posso chiederti qualche suggerimento? :)

  4. Grazie! Guarda, se posso darti gia' un piccolo consiglio per i markers, non comprarti troppi copics. In realta', io li uso soltanto per le sfumature. Per tutto il resto, preferisco i Pantoni o i Promarkers. Anche se a dirla tutta, pasticcio molto anche con pastelli/gessetti e acquerelli ^_^