Pop will eat itself - part 01

The lineart of a new illustration I'm working on in these days. It's based on a short tale by Sam Verrall. Tale and illustration will bu published on Murky Depths a fantasy and horror magazine from UK.

And I finally have a new title for my blog! I read the 'Angels and Insects' , a collection book by A.S. Byatt, when I was a teen and I've always liked a lot the two novellas included in it. I think the languid and melancholic mood of those tales is suitable for my illustrations too and I borrowed the title from the book ^_^


  1. Wow a rocker girl! I don't remember seeing anything like this in your previous works. Looking forward to seeeing this one completed.

    The name for the new blog is brilliant: evocative and slightly unsettling.

  2. Awesome!

    I like the expression in her face and the pose with the guitar

  3. Thank you all! Hmm, I'm not sure if I like this illustration or not. I feel like drawing a new sketch...

  4. As a guitar lover, I like very much the illustration...
    And I love the title "Angels and insects"!

  5. I really like this! Different...

    I like "Angels and Insects" too, (a little creepy). (^_^)

  6. Thank you! Maybe I should change the blog layout and make it a little bit darker...

  7. J'adore ce lineart, il est très jolie...

  8. I adore your art! ^^ I love the way you draw bodies and poses, I love it so much!! ^^ It's amazing.



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