Pop will eat itself - part 02

I finished this commissioned illustration and as usual, I did something completely different from the first sketches I drew - have a look at my previous entry if you're curious about that ^_^ I'm not quite satisfied with this one but I think is more suitable to illustrate that horror tale and the girl is less a 'rock one' and that's good since the tale is about a girl pop band. The basic idea was to make a colorful illustration where the girl was pretty but not too much. Basically, people should understand that there's something wrong with this image that is not just a pop band promotional cute one.

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  1. Amazing! The drops of blood are perfect (at least i think that's blood!). So different from the sketch with the guitar. I liked that one too though.

  2. I think this one has an almost ghostly feeling too it...you can just tell there is something not quite right going on by the girl's expression. Loving it! The first sketch was cool but I think this one evokes a whole different set of feelings^^

  3. Thank you! Yes, I did something completely different from the first sketch and I'm not sure I was right or not in doing it. I change my mind about anything so often...

  4. hey nati I loike this one a lot! Great composition and I like the background wallpaper too, so good to hear you're getting so many commissions :-)

  5. Yup she does look a bit disquited...she sings her pop song but her mind is flying away to some dark and scary place.

    It's true that in the previous sketch the singer was more of a rock and roll type, so maybe she didn't quite suit your purpose, but I liked her a lot...will you finish it in the future (maybe with another title)?

  6. Thank you Monika and Astera!
    To be honest...when I did the second sketch I liked it a lot but after I finished the illustration I've totally changed my mind about it! In fact, I've decided to complete the first sketch then I see which one I like the most.
    nati = a hopeless irresolute ^_^

  7. I think it's a good idea to have multiple options...I am really glad you decided to finish the first drawing. Will you present both versions to the commissioners and let them choose their favorite one?