First post on blogspot ^_^

First off, thank you very much all for following this blog and for the nice comments - also on my dA gallery ^_^ A special thanks to Ana for this nice blog gift:

And also for featuring one of my prints on Etsy!

Etsy Treasury!

Speaking about my shop, I've just added some old original illustrations for sale! You can see them there!
And...I also updated my website, and added a new set to my Flickr gallery featuring all the images I did for the 'Precious Things' art-book.
And, last but not least, I posted all the illustrations for the art-show in Stockholm on the Cloud Maiden page! There's also some bad news...but I suggest you to read directly the entry I wrote about the show.
That said, I will be in Naples - beginning of May - for job. I'm quite sure, after 2000 years, the Vesuvio will erupt again and I will die under an ash cloud!!!

All my previous entries can be found on my 'old' Wordpress Blog!


  1. I love your art, and I love the layout for your new blog!

  2. Noooo, il Vesuvio nooo!
    Let's be optimistic: I am sure everything will go smoothly and you'll even have a chance to visit Pompei!

  3. Thank you! Honestly I'll get enough of volcanos' eruptions! I'll be in Naples for job and that means no much time for visiting places. Sigh!